Wire rod is the raw material used for downstream production which consists of several normal diameters.  Its grade is determined by the range of chemical compositions. It is supplied by the local as well as the international suppliers.

Industrial standard:
MS ISO 16120-2:2008, Non-Alloy Steel Wire Rod For Conversion To Wire – Part 2: Specific Requirements For General Purpose Wire Rod (First Revision). 


Wire Rod

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Deformed bar is hot rolled with specified pattern of ribbed surface with
material grade B500B. It can be in form of bundle and coil. It is supplied both locally and globally.

Industrial standard:
MS 146:2014, Steel For The Reinforcement Of Concrete – Weldable Reinforcing Steel – Bar, Coil And Decoiled Product – Specification (Fourth Revision).  
Deformed Bar

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Steel wire consists of galvanized (GI) wire and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wire.  It is mainly used for the making of chain-link fence and barbed wire.  It is supplied both locally and globally.

Industrial standard:
MS 1137:2009, Low Carbon Steel Wires – Specification (First Revision)
MS 2414:2011, Steel Wire And Wire Products For Fences – Steel Wire Chain Link Fencing


Steel Wire

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Hollow and pipe is used in fencing process as material of pole.  It will be cut into designated length according to the height of fence.






Hollow and Pipe