Yung Kong Metal Works Co Bhd (YKMW) has firmly established itself as a leading manufacturer of steel wire products in the construction industry. The company started it business in 1963 producing and supplying chain-link fence, barbed wire and several welding works at a small factory along Abell Road, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

It was incorporated in 1970, and moved to newly completed plant at Bintawa Industrial Estate in 1975. Since then, the company expands into the production of various steel related products like chicken cages, hexagonal wire netting, hexagonal chicken netting, wire mesh, bolts and nuts, steel bars, stirrup, GI wire, PVC wire, steel strapping and hard drawn wire.

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In year 2008, two subsidiaries established:

YMC Mesh Sdn Bhd (YMCM) – specializing in promoting custom-made sizes wire mesh, as well as provides drawings detailing and technical presentation as a value-added service to the customer.

Yung Kong Versatile Fence Sdn Bhd (YKVF) – specializing in producing fencing products.

In year 2018, another new subsidiary established:

Yung Kong Wire Industries Sdn Bhd (YKWI) – specializing in producing steel bars cut and bend as a value-added product and service to the customer

Throughout the decades, with a strong and reliable track records, Yung Kong Metal Works Group of Companies position itself as a specialize manufacturers of steel welded fabric for the reinforcement of concrete and cold reduced steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete, fencing products and steel bars cut and bend, enable continuous to deliver quality products, excellent solutions to the customers, as well as committed to stay forefront in the fast-emerging industry.